Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Days

I know some will love it and some will hate it -- but I'll take a chance and wish you all a happy Valentine's Day, anyway.

And now, let's all gather round the campfire while Ol' Jules* tells you a little story.  It's called, "How to have a lame and sad Valentine's Day."

See, kids, though this is my third Valentine's Day with the Boyf, it is only the first for which we have been in the same country.

The first time, I was in India, and in a grand gesture, decided to go to the Taj Mahal to celebrate -- the ultimate monument of love!  Yeah, well, while most tourists get a view of the Taj Mahal that looks like this: 

...MY view looked like this:

via My one photo was even worse than this.  I must have deleted it.

The moral of this story: when visiting Muslim monuments, DON'T show up on a Friday!  It will be closed, and you will be bummed.**  Then, because you are a plan-ahead-er (a word), you'll spend four hours (no joke) playing cards in a restauant while waiting for your train to depart, because you booked a train ticket in advance.  

But there's always next year!  Specifically, there's a cute little village just north of Wales called Chester, rumored to have lots of history and adorableness (also a word).  So, since I was living in London at the time, without the Boyf, I decided to take a weekend to myself and check it out.

Unfortunately, I forgot that in Britain, unless you strike it extremely lucky, the high street of any town will look remarkably similar to the town before it (Marks, Boots, Superdrug, Thorntons, Reiss, Primark... they're all everywhere.  And I'm not the first to notice it).  So I spent the better part of three days thoroughly bored, unable to get hot water in my shower or cool air in my room at night, without the reliable internet I had promised in order to even email the Boyf, and, well, pretty damned bored.  I did treat myself to an overpriced dinner at a nice hotel restaurant -- too bad the table was covered in paper hearts and I was the only one out alone, and I had gotten not only catcalled but creepily followed on the way there.  

Good scones, though.

So there you have it: two thoroughly unsuccessful ways to spend Valentine's Day while traveling.  I am finally going to have a nice dinner with the Boyf, and have already eaten three chocolates this morning -- so I am off to a much less depressing start already!

Got any stories of your own to share?

*New nickname -- I'm psyched!  I'm totally ordering stationery.
**Also, it's how I ended up accidentally hiking Mt. Sinai.  I ended up going to a monastery on a Sunday, and there was nothing to do but climb the mountain.

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