Saturday, February 11, 2012


Get it?  Lynx!

Haven't done a link post in a good long while (though I regularly send out great links on Twitter), so I thought it was time to send out some of the greatest stuff I have seen recently:

10 amazing, basically impossible adventures (sign me up for scuba diving between tectonic plates!)

My new Pinterest board where I've been posting some of the greatest travel photos I've seen.  Want me to add yours?  Send it along!

A funny app for buying your friend a beer, wherever they are (you can send a friend a nice treat while you're away!)

A thoughtful piece on how to keep the indie traveler mindset, even when you are at home.

A couple of solid ideas for untraditional travel, very budget-friendly!

And lastly, a friendly reminder to register with the U.S. State Department if you want a little extar security when you travel.

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