Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Travel fatigue

All this world, and no energy to explore it! (image mine)

I've had it, and you might have, as well -- travel fatigue.  That feeling that you've seen so many cool things, nothing impresses you.  A desire to wear a new outfit -- a clean outfit, an exciting outfit of non-wicking fabric or daring cultural insensitivity.  A hunger for a f*#&$@! burger instead of all the totally lame-o food you're surrounded by.  God, you just wanna watch some cartoons and wear PJs, but damn it, you have to ooh and ahh over another ancient temple.

Yeah, I hate that feeling.

It makes me feel super ungrateful for the travel I'm doing, and often results in days spent in markets and bazaars, buying stuff I definitely dont need (but that sparkle, duh).  I also tend to spend more time reading and hanging out in bars.  All I know is, my attention span is about three months long -- over that, and I get real fatiguey (nope, not a word) real fast.

A couple of other bloggers have written on this phenomenon -- check them out here, here, here and here.

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