Thursday, January 19, 2012

There is no Terminal 3

I just found this really great post on one of my favorite sites, Feministing.  I invite you to give it a read, and share your thoughts -- do you have an experience from traveling where you had to make a choice between two potentially really dangerous options?

I've been followed in Florence, harrassed in Cairo, and gotten into a fight on a London bus.  I've been followed by market sellers, ripped off when buying water, and had marriage proposed to me on a number of occasions.  Women definitely carry a complex set of ingrained reflexes with them when they travel, and it is incredibly difficult to be forced to choose between a perceived (or real) overreaction, and submitting yourself to a more polite, but potentially dangerous, situation.

This piece also points to the incredibly frustrating fact that westerners are often singled out for their perceived wealth when they travel, whether they actually possess any or not.

Thoughts?  I would love to hear what your reactions are!

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