Friday, January 27, 2012

More on money

illustration by Aaron Dana

My post on trip financing was by far the most popular post on this blog in the past year, so I wanted to bring you all more of what I've been learning about finding the money for your dream adventures.  I really believe that unless you are seriously struggling to pay your rent (and unable to move), it is completely possible to travel!  (I'm working on the rent part... then I'll be right alongside you!)

The New York Times just ran this list of 19 websites that will save you money this year.  And look at that -- I've already fallen in love with Kayak Explore!

Basic budgeting tips and resources -- an important place to start if the idea of saving for a trip is truly overwhelming!

Best travel deals and locations of 2012, published by Japan Today.

Avoiding banking fees while you travel, by one of the most practical travel bloggers out there, Nomadic Matt.

Travel hacking -- becoming extremely adept at piling on frequent flyer miles and saving serious dollaz.

Estimating your personal budget for a trip.

A breakdown of one location-independent person's yearly expenditures (the total is pretty neat)!

And a breakdown of expenditures for one year in South America.

I am also working on a new page for this site, a massive collection of al finance-related resources I can get my hands on -- I am committed to making sure you all get the best information out there!  Stay tuned to see the new page when it is up and running!

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