Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Frequent flyers


I cannot believe it.  As in, I TRULY cannot believe it.  It has taken me until this summer to sign up for a frequent flyer miles program.

I was really not savvy about them, and still had the old idea in my head that they really limited your ability to choose your airline, etc. (and me being me, I always just pick the cheapest airline when I travel).  Well, I finally joined a program -- way too late, I might add, giving that joining is free and I should have just DONE it a long time ago, even if I wasn't sure I would use it.

Now I am becoming one of those people -- I want to get a credit card with my program, so I can earn more miles, I want to do business with their partners, etc.  Because programs have really changed -- especially if you join a large program (I am with Delta Skymiles).  This is in no way an advertisement for Delta, but I've been really happy so far that I joined them, because they have so many partner airlines, and so many flights form my home airport of Boston Logan.  I'm waiting for a bit to take the leap into a credit card with them (is American Express even a useful card to have?  And $95 a year?  Psssht.), but very happily been researching all the different ways to earn miles.  Plus, being on their email list, I have been given a lot of great offers (like a matching program before the holidays, so that I could earn extra miles).

Now, I used to be with British Airways (actually, still am, though I haven't flown them in about 6 years...), and it was truly not helpful.  BA doesn't fly anywhere really useful to me, and even when I lived in Britain, Delta flights were so much cheaper that I never would have chosen a BA flight.

But what do you think?  Are you in a program that you love/hate?  Do you have any insider tips?  I read this article today, and it appears there is a whole world of people more savvy than I about how to really work those miles -- and if you're one of them, I need you to teach me how to do it!

Inf act, I am so into this that I'm starting a Twitter conversation about it, hashtag #flyermilestips.  If you have any thoughts or want to pass on info or ask questions, that's where I'll be -- and if I can't answer a question, I promise to find someone who can!

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  1. You know you're a grown up when you've signed up to frequent flyer miles! I'm a travel fan myself so I'm looking forward to more of your blogs Julia!


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