Friday, November 4, 2011

The things we bring home

I don't know about you, but my space is filled with little trinkets and doodads from traveling.  Since I've been in the budget-travel group for, well, forever, I've had to watch my purchases carefully.  I haven;t generally spent a lot of money on individual objects as I travel, since I don't like the liability of carrying expensive thing with me as I travel; my purchases are also often small and light -- I have a LOT of jewelry!

This book is all about how to decorate with things picked up on your travels -- in my house (!) (that exclamation point was to show how thrilled I am not to be ENTIRELY nomadic any longer...), I have a lot of small things up on bookshelves, tucked in corners, etc., and it brings me so much happiness to feel as though I still have certain places with me (see?  We do collect places!).  What do you think?  How much do/should we "collect" places we've been?  And however you feel about that, do you keep mementos around your home?

A small silver box from an antique shop in Bangalore (sorry, I am not at all a photographer!)

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