Monday, November 7, 2011

A few more of my favorite things

I was thinking about more of the objects I've brought home from travels with me, and the light was so pretty that I decided to give photography another go (like I said, I am no photographer!).  What are some of your favorite things you've found while traveling?

A prayer wheel from Kathmandu.  Most have prayers printed on the wheel, but I happened to find one that was blank, which felt better to me since I don't ascribe to a particular religion.  Funnily enough, found this immediately after saying to my friend that I would love to find a prayer wheel without any writing!

All of the things on this shelf belong to the Boyf, but the wooden block is an Indian stamp I brought home for him.  The blue egg is a batik Czech Easter egg we bought together this past April in Prague.

This little mother of pearl box came from Cairo, and the pillow next to it is an old one from a trip ten years ago to Rouen, in northern France.

A collection of three wooden hair combs I've picked up over the years -- the giant one is from Moshi, Tanzania the medium one is from South Africa, and the smallest one is from India.

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