Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crowdsourcing travel


In this article, the New York Times talks about crowdsourcing for travel information.  At first I though that it was basically what I am already doing -- tweeting and blogging and generally asking around for advice on travel, rather than going through traditional sources such as published travel guides and agents.

However, recently some travel sites have been coming out that allow travelers to connect, either through the site or through their own facebook friends, in order to find useful information before starting a trip.  I can't tell how I feel about involving facebook friends -- facebook often feels like such a nuisance already!  But the idea of crowdsourcing through facebook is that you are receiving recomendations from people you already trust, unlike when you scroll through a message board -- those comments might be written by someone with very different travel tastes and priorities from you.

Afar and Gogobot are the two main sites mentioned in the article; I've checked them out and they seem like a very slight twist on the advice-seeking I am already doing.  But I would love to hear what other folks think -- is this a revolutionary way to research trips?  Or is it more of the same?

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