Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nom nom nom

Just something to make you drool... some of the tastiest street foods around our fair planet!  Once I got over being ill in India, I LIVED off the dosas, samosas, fried sammiches and other treats everywhere (and one night my travel buddy and I ate for under $2 TOTAL and were completely stuffed with deliciousness).  Thailand... oh MAN, I still dream of the noodles, and mango with sticky rice and coconut milk (and I usually don't like mango or coconut...)!  The slight adventure of it, and the serendipity of finding a new favorite food...

For a girl living off of reheatable Sainbury's dinners right now (I forgot it takes Lloyd's, my bank, a million years to process deposits and am skint until my cash goes through!), this article is a welcome escape!

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