Saturday, August 27, 2011

Customer service and Twitter

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Okay, I was a long-time skeptic, but I have got to say that Twitter really has changed the way we do business.  Twice now, it has been the easiest, fastest way to get assistance from Delta, and today it got me rebooked onto the best possible flight.

I really feel for the customer service reps -- thousands of flights into the east coast have been cancelled, and I bet they are overloaded.  I also bet their top priority is helping first class and business passengers, and I get that.  However, I was really not going to sit around waiting until all other flights were booked... Multiple direct messages didn't do anything like one public tweet to #DeltaAssist -- immediately I had two different flight options offered to me, and was easily confirmed onto my top choice.

(note: Delta does, however, need to fix its website.  The cause of all the trouble this morning was a glitching site that kept sending me around in endless loops, rather than proceeding forwards with online rebooking.  I am totally dubious about giving Delta too much credit, also, since the lack of European support is truly shameful.)

In customer service shoutouts, however, STA Travel wins again.  Having originally booked through STA's UK site, I gave them a call when I was running out of ideas.  STA is a great resource for young/broke travellers, not only because of the double discount offered for students and young people (under 26), but because they understand that we aren't always travelling in optimal conditions.  They offer online chat, and usually have a rep available pretty immediately, and they also offer call backs, so if (like me...) you're living off a pay as you go phone, you can do your customer service thang without running out of phone credit.  This time around, I got a really helpful guy who promised to look into Delta's refund/rebook policy for me and call me back -- though by the time I got the call, Twitter had solved my problem.

So what do you think -- what are your top customer support stories?  And how has Twitter altered the way we travel?

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