Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Autumn comes to the LDN

Regent's Park

This is, no joke, what the leaves and light are starting to do on the walk between my train station and my university.  It feels so recent that I was returning from Spain and walking down that path going, "Whoa!  It's summer!"  And now it's fall...

I am starting to get so excited about a New England autumn... a proper one, and a proper winter, one where I am not hopping on a plane right after New Year's!

And a side note, because it is a momentous day:  I finished my master's dissertation!  I am so excited, and so happy to put that behind me for a bit (well, until I have to hard-bind it and ship it back here, but then I'll have the excitement of my name on a book!).  So now I am officially just waiting for my plane back in four days...

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