Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Road Again!

from an American summer (go Pawsox!)...

to an English one (from here)

Sorry for the extremely long hiatus... I've been in the US enjoying a perfectly American summer (barbecues, fourth of July, beaches, potlucks and kickball games).  I've been working away at my favorite place in the world, the arts program I teach at -- fortunately, my boss was understanding about needing to finish my master's here, and so let me work half the summer and come back to London to wrap up!  So here I am, having landed at 6:30 this morning (OOF)...

Just waiting to get my "sea-legs" back -- I am staying with a very kind family friend, so I have a whole new orientation on the city and am eager to get out there and explore a new neighborhood!  I've even got a list of goals for myself while I am here: go to the Saatchi Gallery, explore the East End, find a bookstore I keep hearing about, and of course catch up with my favorite places (top on that list is the reading room at the V&A)!  All while writing a dissertation and applying for work... hmmm...

But of course, all good things come with a price.  Saying ANOTHER goodbye to the Boyf was incredibly hard -- fourth in eighteen months, though this was the first time I am gone for less than three months.  We've got an apartment he'll be moving into while I'm away, so a whole new life is starting for me when I head back to the States.

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