Saturday, July 30, 2011

Money money money!

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So I finally did a little upkeep, including improving and organizing my Travel Links page (check it out -- it's a compilation of only the best-of-the-best sites that I have found!)  While I was rooting around in there, I ended up finding a couple of helpful pieces about money and financing a trip abroad.

5 Countries to Visit for Under $500 is avery straightforward article with helpful tips if you've never before been to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Colombia, or Argentina.  I think it is really telling that these countries are all in Southeast Asia or South America -- personally, I loved my travel in Asia last year and cannot recommend it highly enough, but of course if you don't already happen to be nearby, the plane tickets are going to add a hefty sum to that $500!

Price of Travel is a website I just came across yesterday, and I am deciding how I feel.  The practical part of me knows that no one can predict the actual cost of a trip -- but the dreamer and schemer in me wants to believe it is possible (makes daydreaming all the more fun)!  It's helpfully grouped by region, so you can focus your research more easily.

This is Money is actually a financial website, but this is its helpful subsection on travel.  There's a lot here, from how to manage money while you are traveling (I had to inform a friend recently that traveler cheques are no longer the norm...), to travel insurance and money-saving deals.

I am always looking for more sites about money -- it is pretty much the top concern I hear about from folks who want to trave more!  If you know if anything, I am always excited to check out new sites!

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