Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tornados in MASSACHUSETTS???

Maybe I missed something, but I swear I have never heard of a tornado warning all the way over here!  The Rapture was intense, though -- nonstop lightning for maybe an hour, a deluge of rain, and I arrived home this morning from the Boyf's (where we watched the storm from the safety of his porch with beers during the Stanley Cup break...) to find my internet frizzled (clearly, fixed now -- I am Master of All Things Comcast) and my grill turned over on it's side.

Frankly, I love a good storm.  Last night's was just about perfect.

But let's all keep in mind those people who are having a much worse day that I am -- who live in Springfield and had their houses leveled, or the four who have even died.

Here's some photos I rounded up from the interwebs of the storm:

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