Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An open letter

Dear London,

It's taken a while, I know.  There have been ups and downs -- moments when I wasn't sure if you liked me, and moments where I wondered if it had been smart to take a hiatus from a very comfortable life just to be with you.

Fortunately, you are full of surprises -- like the fact that though it is often gray/grey here, it is also rarely truly cold.  Or the fact that though every high street has the same chain shops, every high street also has secret, hidden tea shops and stationery stores and vintage boutiques that you have to look closely to notice.

And you're full of Londoners -- a special breed of people that, no matter where they're from, have decided your vast size, hectic pace, multiculturalism (for all you think it may have "failed"), and relative anonymity feel like home to them.  Sometimes I am one of them, sometimes, I'm trying to avoid getting shoved by them on the sidewalks or catcalled by them constantly, in all but the poshest neighborhoods.  Most of the time, I am trying to figure out how they afford your lifestyle (London, you've got expensive tastes!).

See you soon,

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