Monday, May 9, 2011

Homeward Bound

crap, I just lost the source for this photo.

So, tomorrow I am flying back to the U.S. for the summer (hence the lack of posts recently... lots of packing and errands and the rando stuff that you totally forget moving entails)!

I'll be back in the LDN at the end of July, so the travels aren't over... I am still half living in each place, leaving some of my things here for when I return (and to avoid extra AND overweight baggage fees!), and I am staunchly refusing to say goodbyes to the people I have here now (see you laters, I suppose).

But it is still a homecoming -- despite now (for reals!) having two-ish homes.  Oy.  And it marks the last major trip away for some time (the Boyf and I are rather psyched about this.  Time to start doing more traveling with him, and less of it by myself).  He and I will celebrate a two-year anniversary in September, and get this -- I will have spent literally half of that time away from him, out of the country.  Either I was on my backpacking trip last year, or I have been here doing my M.A.

And both of those circumstances were planned on my own, before we dated.  He knows that, which has made it easier for us to stay together while I've been traveling.  I really believe that people need to make their own decisions about where (literally and figuratively) their lives need to go -- partners will work out, or they won't, but you're stuck with you forever.  Make you happy.

So I'll hop on a plane tomorrow (despite my fear of flying and the insistent news reports that westerners WILL be targeted by terrorism... awesome...).  I'll go home, I'll hug my family, I'll eat dinner on my back deck (grilling will happen, apparently -- YES), I'll explode the contents of my suitcases all over the place for about half a day before my compulsive neatness takes over.  And I'll feel somewhat calmer than I have for the last few years, knowing the nomadic life is ending.

Or not.  It is fully possible that I will flip out, panic and feel claustrophobic because after returning to London this summer, I don't know when I will next travel.  I'm applying for jobs!  I'll have a lease!  And a roommate/Boyf!  And... and... well, I dunno.  I know the reasons/excuses will pile up for staying put.  I just hope I find a way to keep on truckin', but without perhaps so much time away that I feel homeless.  Or so much time alone.

How do you guys keep travel in your busy lives?

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