Monday, April 25, 2011


I wanted to share this with you guys, because either I missed something or airports are just making stuff up now...

Flying from the UK to Prague, I got my passport stamped (which makes sense, as the Czech Republic, while in the EU, is not in the passport zone).

I did NOT get stamped entering Spain from the Czech Republic.

I DID get stamped leaving Spain for the UK.

Upon arrival in the UK, I was about to present my US passport (with my Spanish exit stamp), but the officer saw I also had a UK passport in my folder, and told me to never bother presenting a foreign passport if I didn't have to, "because then I'd be asked a load of questions."

Now, I am confused.  Should I have been stamped entering Spain?  Is it legal to travel on two passports (I had thought not, as then I can hide certain trips from certain governments -- vacation in Iran!)?  Isn't it fishy now to arrive in the US in a couple of weeks, but not have any written proof (as the UK doesn't generally stamp UK passports on re-entry) of where I've been since leaving Spain?

What do you all think?

(And an extra curiosity: how did my dangly earrings set off a metal detector, but none of the three other piercings that I was not then asked to remove?)

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