Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break, and traveling with friends

Sagrada Familia, from here

So, as I said earlier, I'm heading off next week for my Easter break (sadly, this means blogging will be tough for a couple of weeks -- but I'll do my best!).  I'll be spending a couple of days here and then a week in Prague with the Boyf, and then I'll be in Spain for eleven days with my oldest friend, P.  I've never been to Spain (and don't speak a word of Spanish...), but we'll be hitting up Barcelona and Tarragona, if anyone has any advice about what to do in those places!

Which brings me to a common worry for the traveler -- will my friend and I end up killing each other by the end of our trip?  It's kind of like the houseguest/fish rule ("after three days, they start to stink"), except you're both out of your comfort zone, you've both invested time, money, and effort -- and want to get the most (however this translates) out of your trip.

And there's no easy fix.  B was a great traveling companion for me, in part because we'd traveled a couple of times together before, in incrementally longer doses, so we knew each other's style pretty well.  This is not to say we didn't get on each others' nerves, but we were each really good at reading the other's moods, and so for the most part didn't push it. I've never traveled with P before, so this should be an adventure.  But I would NEVER have agreed to travel with her in the first place if I didn't already know she was the chillest person on the planet.  We have never fought (barring a small incident when I was seven over a doll's blanket), and a good chunk of our friendship has been based on hanging out, eating or watching movies, not talking too much.  She is the relaxed foil to my hyper neurotic.

But these sound eerily like famous last words...!  Anyway, I am choosing to believe that it will be fine -- sangria fixes most problems (as do beaches, though it will probably still be too chilly to enjoy them fully)!  Frankly, in the spirit of my New Year's Resolutions (am I the only one who is weirdly attached to their resolutions?), I am just planning to be thankful for the amazing opportunities in front of me, the chance to visit amazing places with people I love, and do my best (impatient though I know I am) to overlook to rough moments.

Anyone else doing anything cool for spring break?

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  1. Oh wow how exciting! I'm going to Barcelona in September. I hope you will do a post about Spain. It would be really helpful for me :)


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