Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ending street harrassment, making the world safer for everyone

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So I am aware that I am late in posting this, but check it out -- I truly believe that women should have the right to walk down the street without catcalls, sexual comments, lewd gazes, or touching.  You know, all those "little" things that add up to a hostile culture for women -- even before we think about the number of illegal things (assault and rape) that also happen to women on their own streets.

And since I am in an annoyed sort of place today (or any time this topic comes up), I just want to share my superfun train trip the other day, where on my way to work I got stared at and LAUGHED AT by a strange man.  He kept looking at me, and I held his eyes and looked annoyed, to get him to stop.  He kept sneaking looks at me the whole trip, and then laughing to himself (why, I couldn't tell you.  Because he knew he was pissing me off?  It only got worse when I moved to be farther from him).

But that doesn't come near the group of teenagers on a public bus in the fall who decided to TAKE MY PICTURE with their phones and when I got annoyed, tell me they had something "for my Yankee p***y."  Way to rep your -- OUR -- country.  I wish I had known at the time about iHollaback.

I urge all the women reading this to stand up to street harassers, even if it is a disapproving look or a word to say "Stop it."  And for my men reading this, well, you know my feelings on the issue:  JUST STOP.

How do you handle street harassers?  I'd love to hear your stories.


  1. Hey lady,
    Have you heard about these 'slutwalks' sweeping North America this spring? I believe it started in Montreal, when some sort of official listed 'promiscuous dressing' as one of the reasons women are raped. In response, a group of students organized a slut walk-- wearing their most promiscuous clothing-- as a statement that women should be able to wear whatever they want and not be told that they are enticing predators. Boston already had one, and there are more going on!


  2. Yes! I did -- there was also one in London, but annoyingly my travel schedule meant I missed both the Boston and London walks. I think it is a great idea, but I've read some really interesting critiques of the use of the word "slut" and how it might put some people off the event (I also have read a piece defending the use of the word). I'm not sure how I feel about that aspect of it, but I would certainly walk in one if I happen to be in the right city at the right time!


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