Thursday, March 3, 2011

Memories of Prague

Three years ago, I took some time out of school in order to go live in Prague for a couple of months.  I really fell in love with the city -- Prague is laid back, endlessly beautiful, contains some of the most amazing art, and is all the more spectacular when you consider that the Soviets were there until 1989.

the famous red rooftops

a stunning public art piece on Ujezd about communism -- I'm sorry I don't remember the title or artist!

the castle in the distance, as seen from Riegrovy sady

the Vltava River (in German, which border it crosses, it is the Moldau)

the castle in evening

I am going back to Prague in April, with The Boyf, which I am so excited about!  It will be his first trip to Europe, and in addition to showing him my former city, I get to show him my current one -- so amazing!

I have missed not only the beautiful city and amazing beer (yeah, duh), but also the incredibly warm and friendly Czechs.  More than anything else, they made my time there really feel like I was home.

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