Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Following and stuff

I am so excited to report that I've gained a lot of new readers lately -- don't know how the magic of the internet works, but I'm sure glad it does!  Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you guys to subscribe, or leave comments, or follow my twitter -- whatever you like to do when you read blogs.  I'm really interested in knowing not only who reads this, but also what kind of content you are interested in getting more of...

Happy travels!

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  1. hello, i am new follower! i found your blog through sarah von's yes and yes. i love to travel as well and i am embarking on a two week trip to korea in april with my two best friends! (it's soo close!) we have a blog at

    i really liked your "spring break, and travelling with friends" post. so many horror stories of friends breaking up after a trip. *shudders.


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