Friday, February 18, 2011

Our relationship with home

The road I grew up on

I've been thinking a lot lately about home, and what it means to be from a particular space in the world.  As you know, I've been living in London since September, which has been an amazing adventure; my mother is British, and I have never been so lucky as to be able to just drop by my aunt's house for Sunday lunch (like I will be doing this week!).  With my father's family all from Arkansas, and my growing up in Boston, it has meant so much to me to be able to spend time with family and the places that they know.

And I have always had a problem with sitting still -- no surprise, I am sure!  And one of my personal hang-ups has always been that I would end up a townie, living in Boston forever.  I didn't like that stigma.

But man, getting older does funny things to a person!  All my traveling, all of my hectic running around the damned planet has not only taught me so many things about how the rest of the world lives -- it has also taught me much about how I want to live.  And I've come to realize/realise that for now, at least, that home is Boston.

Because I'll tell you -- when you've spent as much time as I have trying NOT to be at home, you may suddenly realize/realise how excited you are to get home again.  While I love the strangeness and excitement of movement, I also love using slang, understanding a place's real history, knowing people nearby, and feeling like there is a place I was made for.

Not everyone has this relationship with their hometown, I know.  But I am just so relieved to have figured it out for myself now!

I would LOVE to hear what any of you lovely people think about home, and what it means to you.  Please leave a comment!

Postscript: while I am very excited to be moving in with The Boyfriend in the fall, and hopefully in Boston (jobs willing), I will at some point have to tell him that my life's to-do list is still long... bike through France, live in Scandinavia, scuba dive tons and tons, learn to surf.  All of these things will require relocation.  Fortunately, I think he's game!

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