Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Israeli P.O.V.

Cairo at sunset (the only images that I can get to work right now are my own, sorry!)

So this post is actually an email that my friend, a dual Israeli-American citizen, just sent me.  Of course, no one can speak for a whole people, but I was really interested to hear what he thought of Egypt's "revolution."  Any thoughts?

Like Obama (and the rest of American/Israeli foreign policy) I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  On one hand, you cant deny that Egypt has been a pretty poor dictatorship with little respect for human rights, etc.  on the other hand, Mubarak is pretty much the only person in Egypt (who can rule) who is willing to respect the peace with Israel.  I know there are many under the wire relations between Israel and Mubarak... some of them unethical, but I think in the big picture he hasn't been bad for peace in the region.

Now thats not to say other people cant come in, be popular but also respect the peace treaty.  I just don't see that happening.  At the very least, not anyone from the Muslim brotherhood.  I know it seems unlikely that they will take power now, but if Mubarak falls it will be a few years before Egypt will be an extension of Syria, Iran, etc.  Prediction.

Human rights are ultimately the most important thing, but post-fall of Mubarak it is very important that someone come in willing to continue relations with Israel.  I don't care for joint operations in Gaza, but I do care about potentially thousands of people dying in a war with Israel over ideology.  The truth is, just like Israel doesn't want Palestinians on their land, neither do Egyptians.  Not to say that either country has thousands of pals refugees (including Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.  The Palestinians are an unwanted group of people (unfortunately).

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  1. Amendment: many people have pointed out that under Mubarak, able people didn't have to opportunity to rule. I accept this -- thoughts?


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