Sunday, January 30, 2011

Credit where it's due!

I just felt inspired to write a shout-out to all the bloggers that I read, because they've kept me going through all my work and general London bleakness for the last couple months!

I've also realized that almost every blog I read is written by women -- and when I realized that, it made me extremely happy!  So here's some props to all the ladies who are writing, photographing, and learning every day!

And PS -- I am not getting sponsored for this, and no one has asked me to write this.  I just really wanted to share what I think is really good content.

Cupcakes and Cashmere (Turned me on to the world of design blogs)
The Rockstar Diaries (Hoping she has a healthy, happy baby any day now!)
A Cup of JO (Design stuff)
{frolic!} (Design with a more rustic aesthetic)
Lost in Translation (About moving to Seoul as a westerner)
And as always...
Jillian C. York (You won't find a more intelligent discussion of media freedoms and the middle east... and she's an awesome person!)

Here's to a positive, intelligent blogger community of FEMALES!  (Um, I went to Smith College...)

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