Friday, December 3, 2010

Travel Treats!

I am really indulgent when I travel -- buying myself whatever food I feel like, including lots of candy, magazines (because my brain never works well enough on a plain or train to manage a book or serious news), and I get to the airport or train station wicked early so I don't feel stressed -- and staying un-stressed is so important if, like me, you are traveling over the holidays...

Here are a few other things that make traveling a lot nicer -- I wish I had all of them!

A cheery passport and boarding pass holder

A book by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk whose writing is so calming and happy, it always relaxes me!

A copy of Oh Comely, my favorite new UK magazine. I am so sad it only comes out every two months!

A gorgeous, relatively flat a packable jewelry box with a mirror (I hate finding out there's no mirror where I'm staying...

Tons of little zip bags are necessary to keep all my crap organized when I... chuck it randomly into my bag...

And one brilliant little idea that EVERYONE should have...

It's a hand-cranked flashlight, useful when the power goes out in your hotel in Goa, or you find yourself wandering some very dark alleys in Varanasi at night. Bonus: this one also can charge a cell phone or camera just on the power generated by hand-cranking it.

Happy travels!

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