Friday, December 3, 2010

A New Favorite City!

I have a few favorite cities -- Boston (hometown pride), Prague (where I lived for a few months), Bangkok (sweet fashions, sweet noodles), Tokyo (see previous, and add Taiwanese guys in the gay district who call me "angel" and buy me drinks), Paris (duh), and now... Edinburgh!

I went up to the freezing north this past weekend for Thanksgiving with an American friend of mine, and was immediately in love with the 'Burgh. I mean, to be honest, I was happy to get out of London for a bit and somewhere a bit smaller and friendlier, and as soon as I got off the train and saw my friends waiting on the platform, I felt my shoulders DROP. I could relax (five hours of Mannheim Steamroller Christmas tunes driving through a snowy white-out didn't hurt...)!

I'll actually be back next month with two other of my favorite Americans, and cannot wait!

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