Friday, December 3, 2010

London in the Autumn and Winter

Here are a few photos I've taken while running around this fall -- I really love this city, even if I grumble sometimes (ahem, getting shoved on sidewalks and everyone assuming I'm a tourist because of my accent!)...!

Leicester Square getting its Christmas lights up (I ADORE the Christmas season)!

The pool in the courtyard of the Victoria and Albert Museum (passionate love for their dance collections...)

A truck selling ice cream cones -- as kids, my sister and I used to love to buy them from trucks like this, because they came with a Flake candy bar stuck in the top!

The Christmas market near the London Eye -- I stumbled across it by accident, and was there for the first snow of the season, with a mulled wine in my hands...

Space Santa on Carnaby Street. Nah, I don't get it, either.

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