Monday, November 22, 2010

In which I start to feel a bit less crazy and alone

I just wanted to share this link today, because it is feeding into my righteous rage about all things sexual harrassment lately:

I am actually notorious for being EXTREMELY rude to street harassers -- a few well-placed "F--- you"s and some flabbergasted looks go quite far, I find. But not far enough. Ladies (and, well, any harassment victims), remember -- we are all carrying tiny video cameras in our bags nowadays. We all have access to the internet. PUT YOUR COMPLAINTS OUT THERE. I have no particular qualms about making a harrasser, or passers-by, feel uncomfortable. What, is feeling uncomfortable a special privilege reserved just for me? Just for women with manners who DON'T feel it's okay to yell things on the street (note to those fools in Camden this weekend -- I mean you!)?

TSA Note -- If you haven't heard, Obama has excused Muslim women from the TSA screenings because it is improper for them. Whatever your feelings on ethnic profiling, this should strike you as weird. Muslim women get exempted, but no Christian nuns, no orthodox Jews, no children, no rape victims who are likely to experience trauma, and there is no blanket pardon for all the women who feel it is against their personal belief systems to be groped/strip searched. Just Muslim women. Glad our policies are based on facts and evidence and not political rationalizations.

I plan to say it is against my religion if anyone asks. I'm Unitarian.


  1. You know where the nicest search I have ever had was? India - I was sent to a little curtained off hallway and a woman baton-ed me down. It was very noninvasive.

    Getting groped is against my religion too.

  2. Yeah, for all the problems I had at airports in India (Delhi airport being supremely dysfunctional -- 6 hours in a transfer lounge with no food and we almost missed our flight...), I really appreciated the way security was handled, at Panaji, Bangalore, and Delhi.


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