Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In which India makes it up to me

(Apologies for typos -- internet cafe!)

Hi all! I am currently in Goa, India, chilling with all the dharma bums! This place is gorgeous -- it is the end of tourist season, and B and I chose Mandrem Beach, a very quiet area, to stay in, so it is perfect for some very necessary R+R. I know, some people probably wonder why WE might need to relax -- we arepretty happily NOT at work and school, respectively -- but it was a hectic week. We were ready to leave Cairo after two weeks, and were bummed because we couldn't go down to Luxor like we had wanted (inconvenient train schedule), and had settled for a (um, shitty) night in Alexandria.

(I'll spare you the whining, but there's really not much in Alexandria -- coupkle that with some bad travel karma and we were grateful to get "home"!)

Plus, Cairo is a tiring place. We really did love it, and felt very safe there, but there was an aggressive theatricality to all of our interactions with Egyptian men (and, um, NO interactions with Egyptian women). We were constantly being "tsk'ed" at on the street, like when you want to call a cat to you, or having men step rght into our path to sell us things. Prepubescent boys also found it acceptable and appropriate to catcall us -- "Beautiful," "princess," etc. One particularly bold 12 year old even grabbed Bonnie's rear, which I found ABSURD. In what way is it okay for a child to disrespect an adult that openly? I understand, cultural differences and all, and our heroine is all for understanding and learning. I'll cover my shoulders, my knees, my hair, hell, I'll wear a purple jumpsuit if it is culturally appropriate, but hell no will I be okay with a stranger -- and a CHILD -- putting their hands on me. Let's just say it's lucky the lad chose Bonnie (on a side note, his friend who decided to follow me instead walked into a pole).

And then we both got SICK upon arriving in Mumbai. Ugh, I alwaysforget how much being sick sucks. A big shout-out to our heroine's mom, because the doctor herself made me the perfect medical kit. I got sickers, though, and was very lucky B was there to help -- sadly, though, it meant we saw NONE of Mumbai! We had already booked Goa, so decided to just come straight down here. ANd I am so happy we did! It has been the perfect place to catch upand rest, get real sleep and sunshine, and swim!

AND SCOOT. I will say it now and forever -- I LOVE SCOOTERS. Rented one today to go to the weekly market in Anjuna (my wallet hurts . . .), and there is nothing like it. The views over the hills are beautiful, and it feels so good to have the sunshine on you, and not haggle for a taxi, and leave whenever you feel like it. Noted: I need a scooter, STAT.

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